1. She Said Stay

From the recording Love Revue

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Words & Music: Hart
Danny Hart: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars.
Joe Public: Programming, Guitars.


I met her in a bar on Thursday afternoon.
She took me to her beautiful new room.
I knew that she was mad and her sadness brings her low.
She took a piece of me and she won't let go.
If you've got power in your hand
You better know where you're putting it.
Stay with me forever
She said stay with me always
She said stay with me forever
Don't you ever go away
And this was only on the first day

You see it in their eyes
How good you make them fell
It feels too good to ask if the love is real
But I want to be a put thing and a sure thing
Not a pie thing in the sky thing.
You better be careful what you do
Everything's going to come back to you